All Zatini jewellery is handmade using a variety of traditional artisan skills.

Our wooden jewellery is painted with a matt finish, or dyed with a smooth natural wax finish. Our high quality resin is set in molds, buffed with either a matt or polished finish depending on the design. Our fine jewellery is nickel, cadium and lead free, made from metal alloy. They are coated with either gold, silver, haematite or rose gold. We use Zinc die castings for durability, strength and non-toxic. Earring posts are titanium which is hyperallergenic. Earring hooks and rings from brass for their flexibility. All earrings are nickel free.

Every piece of our wood jewellery is unique. The natural woods can have slight colour variations due to the grains, knots, age and drying time.

We do our best to ensure the colour of the jewellery on the website is as accurate as possible, however it may vary slightly due to screen setting, computer quality, etc.

Should you require more specific details about the jewellery please contact us at or call 02 9939 0494.


Care Instructions

Please store all jewellery out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Dyed wooden jewellery can be marked by water, perfumes, sunscreens, etc. so please look after your precious pieces. A small amount of olive oil on a soft cloth may help to restore the dyed wood. For jewellery with a painted finish you can gently wipe it with cold water on a soft cloth.

Resin jewellery can also be affected by sunscreens, coloured make-up, spray tan, etc. especially the lighter colours. You can clean your resin jewellery with a damp soft cloth…and a small amount of olive oil may restore mild scratching and wear.